• FRaE

    My name is Fraser Holden, but I go by the moniker of FRaE. I am a 53 year old, born in Scotland, grew up in South Africa until16, emigrated to Australia, (which I now identify as home).In the late 90's I moved to Manchester in the north of England were I worked in my chosen profession of architecture as an architect. I then 4 years later moved to Dublin in Ireland, working as an architect again for another 5 years.

    In that time I was blessed enough to meet my soulmate Orlagh. We both then in the financial crisis moved to Australia for 10 years. In that time we got engaged, married and had an amazing daughter, Oonagh in 2015. We then decided to move back to Dublin in 2017. I got a job working in one of Irelands largest architecture firms.

    Everything was smooth sailing until the 24th of May 2022 when I was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease. It is a terminal illness that destroys the Neurons between your brain and muscles. This leads to muscle wastage , this in turn leads to full paralysis, the loss of the ability to talk and swallow then finally the loss of the ability to breathe. There is currently no cure, and life expectancy for most patients is 2-5years.

    I however decided to make my journey a positive one so my 8 year old daughter and wife could look back and be proud of the legacy I left behind. My wife and I set up a fundraising arm to raise money for the Irish Motor Neuron disease Association, and in the 17 months since my diagnosis we have raised about €85,000 for them.

    We have been so grateful for the help both with services, equipment as well as a source of information we have been given that we want to continue our support of the IMNDA, hence our decision to donate 50% of our profits to them.